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Experienced writer and producer, Celia Dumas (from Stockbridge, near Winchester) will be hosting an exclusive film premiere on the evening of Friday 15 March which will see over 100 potential investors (as well as family, local friends, actors and crew) come together to view the two latest short films from the award-winning production company, ‘Mabel Brown’.

Former 6th form student at Peter Symonds College, Celia has co-produced the two short films which will be shown for the first time as a double-bill at the exciting event next month, to be held at the xxxx theatre/ cinema (?) in Winchester.

The 13-minute dystopian thriller “Time Spent” (written and directed by Rob Hutt, Celia’s creative partner and co-founder of Mabel Brown Productions) has already attracted global attention, scooping 24 prestigious industry awards to date (including ‘Best Sci-Fi Short Film’ and Best Director ‘Short’), as well as being a shortlisted finalist in the ‘Cannes World Film Festival’, ‘Beyond Hollywood International Film Festival’, the LA-based ‘Indie-X Film Fest’ and the ‘Canadian Cinematography Awards’ (CaCa).

To amplify this success, Celia and Rob are now hoping to attract financial backers to help take the short film to the next level by developing the screenplay into an 8-part series which can be presented to commissioners at some of the world’s leading broadcast channels and streaming services.

The premiere on March 15 will also feature one of the first public viewings of Mabel Brown’s new psychological short drama, “The Door Under the Bridge”- a thought provoking, tense and compelling film which was shot entirely on location in and around the Stockbridge and Winchester area (featuring several local ‘extras’ and many recognisable filming venues such as the popular Meadow café on Stockbridge High Street). The film has recently been sent to a number of top networks for consideration with interest already been shown from the BBC.

Celia (52), who has two daughters (one of whom, 18 year-old Polly worked as a runner and production assistant on both shoots)  says; “We’ve been absolutely blown away by the incredible response and suite of awards we’ve already picked up for “Time Spent” – and amazingly we’re starting to receive a similar level of feedback for ‘The Door Under the Bridge’ which has been a real ‘passion project’ for both  of us-  a sentiment shared by all the actors and crew involved in the project.

“Combined, Rob and I have decades of experience in the TV and video production industry. I went on to work at the leading ad agency Saatchi + Saatchi as a TV producer after I left Peter Symonds in the early 90s - but  all these  years later, I couldn’t be more proud of these two projects, which tackle some really challenging and current societal issues and we’re  delighted that audiences seem to feel the same way.

She continues; “Both screenplays address tough and disturbing issues, many of which are being played out in the current news headlines, reflecting common concerns from the cost-of-living crisis and social inequalities to issues around mental health and abuse. Working with a minimal budget – but maximum commitment and enthusiasm - we collaborated with a company of outstanding and up-and-coming young actors who felt equally inspired by our story telling.  So, to see the results on the big screen is just mind-blowing!

“As well as co-producing the project, I was also hands-on during all stages of the shoot, using my professional skills as a make-up artist and sourcing all costumes and props. It really was a team effort from start to finish!”

In the midst of the international awards season across the film industry, the team at Mabel Brown felt the time was right to host the first official local premiere of these two critically acclaimed films and to open up the conversation with individuals and businesses who might be interested in supporting the fledging film company. Potential investors will play a key role in taking both films to the next level – whether developing Time Spent into a mini-series or The Door Under the Bridge into a full-length film.

The screening will start with a fun and informative introduction and Q&A session led by Celia and Rob – before the audience settles in for the private viewing. There will also be the opportunity for guests to meet and mingle with the stars of both productions.

Rob Hutt (40) adds; “Our portfolio of awards already seems to be showing that our work is hitting the sport with audiences and we feel confident that with the right level of investment and support, industry commissioners will agree.  We might not be quite ready for the Oscars this year but it’s still hugely exciting for us that our double-bill premiere falls in the same week as the Academy Awards! We’re all about celebrating acting talent, production values and creativity, as well as ensuring all our projects are approached with a social conscience. So, do stick with us and watch this space…!

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